Ford Focus Electric to come with Cutting Edge Phone App

The 2012 Ford Focus Electric will be getting a very special addition when it launches later this year: a phone app, available on both Android and iPhone models, which gives you loads of information about your car even when you're not inside it.

The app will keep you up to date with the car's charging status (so you can find out when it's finished charging whilst sat at your desk in work), how far it is to the next charging station, how far you can travel on the current charge, and even gives details about the amount of CO2 you're producing, amongst other things. It's also possible to start the car using the app, if you find you need to shave a few seconds off your ignition sequence.

Whether these apps will start appearing for all new Ford cars for sale is yet to be seen, but they certainly offer a lot of potential, and the popularity of the Ford Focus' app could well determine whether this becomes the new industry benchmark for smartphone integration.