Ford Focus Electric; the most efficient car ever?


An article by one of the worlds top technology websites,, has highlighted the 2012 Ford Focus Electric's efficiency and even raised the question, is it the most efficient vehicle ever?

Leading on from the U.S Environmental Agency report, which rated the 2012 Ford Focus Electric at 110 MPGe (miles per gallon equivelant) whilst city driving and 99 miles on motorways, the motor company have been promoting the vehicle as the most efficient vehicle ever.

The Focus takes approximately four hours to recharge and already there are approximately 5,500 public charging stations through the country that can be used.  One of the main factors that gives the Focus an advantage over other electric competitors is the sheer amount of miles per charge the vehicle can do; 76 miles per single charge.

Electric vehicles are taking off In North America with a reported 7,700 units being sold in throughout 2011 and this year already 1,600 have been purchased. These types of vehicles will certainly one day become a lot more popular and serious contenders for ford cars for sale within Ford car dealers. It is though that, as development continues, the vehicles could see reductions in pricing; making them a great future option for those seeking new Ford cars for sale within Ford car dealers.

Image credit: mariordo59 (flickr)