Ford Focus Electric takes on coast to coast challenge



A leading health magazine has joined up with the Ford Motor Company to make a cross country trip in America with a difference. ‘Mens Health' magazine will be arranging a team of celebrities for the coast to coast challenge. The difference being that the vehicle that they will be travelling in will be the Ford Focus Electric.

The team will include Top Gear USA host Tanner Foust, Miss Indiana 2009 Nicole Pollard, and dyCar and American Le Mans racer Martin Plowman, who will be commenting on the general public and commercial charging of the vehicle along the route.

Ford has released information that the vehicle will need to be recharged between 40 -55 times; this will of course be lowered dependant on how economically the cars are driven. Money raised will be gifted to the ‘Carry the load' charity.

The Ford Focus Electric could well be for sale in Ford dealerships by the end of the year, and could become a welcome sight on our streets.

Ford have announced that the Ford Focus Electric car should be available at Ford car dealers by the end of 2012 at the earliest, and with fuel costs at an all time high its certainly a good time.

Image credit: Mariordo - Mario Roberto Durán Ortiz