Ford Focus electric now on sale in the UK

The Ford Focus Electric has officially gone on sale in the UK, with the esteemed Motor Company keen to take charge of what is becoming an increasingly popular vehicle market.

After recently reporting that sales of hybrid vehicles are soaring across the pond in the US, it's time for the motoring giant to offer the millions of car owners in the UK a more environmentally friendly version of the new Ford Focus – the best-selling car in the world.

Running completely on electricity, the model can travel for 100 miles between charges and even has a top speed of 85mph. It has already received rave reviews from motoring experts, with many commenting on the car's excellent driving dynamics and calling it a great new electric car to be enjoyed and savoured. It is now available from £33,500, a price which can be reduced by taking advantage of the £5,000 government grant scheme.

With the release coming just one day after the government announced the aim for all new cars sold to be hydrogen or electric powered by 2040, the Ford Focus Electric is sure to provide drivers with a superb future alternative to their conventional petrol or diesel powered vehicles.

As well as the obvious environmental benefits, people are sure to be enticed by the superb workmanship of the vehicle, an impeccably high standard of craftsmanship which is apparent in all new Ford cars; it's a quality which has helped them to remain a key player in the automotive industry for so many years.

If you are keen to learn more about the Focus Electric, or perhaps want to find out why the Ford Focus has proved such a success in the compact car market, all the information you need to know can be discovered by visiting one of the expert Ford dealerships across the UK.

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