Ford Focus car chase to take centre stage in premiere


Tonight (September 3rd) will see the long-awaited premiere of crime blockbuster The Sweeney in London, which is set to feature a high octane car chase involving several high-performance Ford Focus ST hatchbacks. 

As well as being a pivotal part of the film, this exciting sequence also acts partly as a tribute to the relationship the car manufacturers shared with the original 1970s Sweeney TV series, in which classic models such as the Ford Granada, Cortina and Consul appeared on a regular basis.

After co-writing and directing the scene, Nick Love, the man behind the movie, said that he was so impressed with the new Focus that he wanted to get one for himself!  

Ford car dealership owners around the country have been inundated with orders for this stylish new vehicle, which will be enjoying its own premiere later this month. The ST is just one of several great new and used Ford cars under the Focus name which are currently available, so don't forget to look up the wide range on sale soon.

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