Ford first manufacturer to publish India emission data


It will come as no surprise to those who have been following the developments of the Ford Motor Company recently to learn that they are the first automotive manufacturers to agree to publish data of the emissions they produce in India - a country recently named as having the dirtiest air in the world.

As reported on, this initiative forms just another part of Ford's continuing drive towards becoming the most environmentally sustainable and responsible vehicle maker in the world.

The latest ranges of brand new Ford cars which have been hitting the world's roads over the last few years are famously carbon-friendly and fuel-efficient - this has largely been due to an increase in popularity of the groundbreaking EcoBoost engine - so it is no wonder that those at the top of Ford India are keen to publish details of their successes as part of the nation's new voluntary greenhouse gas reporting programme.

As is the case with their operations across the globe, Ford have been taking steps in India recently to lower both the financial and environmental cost of production; an example of this is a reduction in water use at their Chennai facilities by 30 per cent per vehicle (this was achieved via the rolling out of a highly effective wastewater reuse system), and a 10 per cent per vehicle drop in energy consumption at the same site.

Whilst this announcement is further proof of Ford's continuing commitment towards driving down their global emissions, no-one within the company would deny that more still needs to be done for them to fully achieve their aims. For now, drivers in India, here in the UK and around the world can be reassured by the fact that any new or used Fiesta or other such Ford model purchased is among the market leaders in the field of low-emission transport.

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