Ford First for Recycled Textiles

The Ford Motor Company have teamed up with one of the world's largest and leading  organisations involved in sustainable textile solutions, Unifi Inc. The motor giant will be working towards utilising recycled materials in its new 2012 Ford Focus Electric model.

This is another first within the motoring world as Ford becomes the first manufacturer to use a blend of recycled materials for its interior textiles. Items such as recycled plastic bottles will be made into material that is both clean and environmentally friendly, something that people are certain to take into account when looking for new cars for sale next.

Carol Kordich, Fords chief designer of sustainable materials, commented that not only does the new fabric help reduce waste but also helps to offset the need to produce new material through production processes that use oil and other fossil fuels.

The Ford Focus is already a favourite at Ford Car dealers. With the news of its electric version coming next year, many in the industry are very excited to try one out!