Ford Fiesta tops salary sacrifice scheme charts

A unique scheme which allows employees to drive a car of their choice in return for sacrificing part of their salary has revealed the Ford Fiesta as the model that is taken up most.

Already officially the best selling vehicle in the UK as a whole, these results act as further confirmation that this most popular of Ford cars for sale is held in extremely high regard by the public for its performance and fuel efficiency.

The organisation which runs the scheme, Tusker, praised the ‘winning combination' of the Fiesta's many positive aspects, which includes the fact that it has a very favourable level of depreciation as well.

The survey also revealed that Ford was the most popular manufacturer with users of the scheme overall.

Both new and used Ford cars provide drivers with the most reliable and excellent value vehicles that they could hope to find on the market, whether they are looking for transport as part of a salary sacrifice scheme or simply want to buy something outright.

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