Ford Fiesta Tops January Sales

As the motoring public in the UK move towards more economical cars, picking lower fuel consumption and running costs again and again over other aspects, Ford car dealers are still doing great business as people find that Ford offer some of the best vehicles on the market, whether you're looking for durability, performance or fuel consumption.

This is reflected in the sales figures for January 2012, where the Ford Fiesta has managed to top sales figures, selling almost eight thousand units, which is around 2200 more than the second best selling car managed (the second best selling car was the Ford Focus, so it's been a good month).

Ford's ability to recognise the changing demand, continue improving their already good standards on fuel economy and produce different types of vehicle to satisfy all markets means that they can stay ahead of the game, and customers recognise this.


Image Courtesy of Flickr user ben.chaney.