Ford Fiesta tops 4 million sales in the UK

A Ford dealership recently sold the UK's four-millionth Ford Fiesta, confirming that Ford's supermini is the most popular car in the UK. This milestone represents another success for the Fiesta, which has regularly been an overall best seller with British drivers.

A Ford dealer in the north east of England sold a Ford Fiesta Zetec in Candy Blue to one customer this week, which officially became the four-millionth Fiesta to be sold in the UK. The car features the award-winning 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine, which can deliver an economical performance that also delivers the power needed for a nippy supermini.

The Ford Fiesta has been the best-selling car in Britain for the last 5 years, with each next generation model improving upon the last. Not only has the Fiesta proven to be popular with British drivers, but models of the car have been a favourite across the globe; over 17 million Ford Fiesta models have been sold in 80 worldwide markets.

Michelle Wardale, the customer who bought the four-millionth Ford Fiesta, told reporters that she chose to buy a Fiesta because of its style, fuel economy and for the reason that is "does everything I need". The Fiesta's assets have been echoed by Mark Ovenden, Ford Britain chairman and managing director, who has said that the Fiesta really is an "extraordinary car" that combines everything that drivers are looking for: "style, value, driving dynamics and remarkable technologies".

Although this recent sale brings the number of new Ford Fiestas on the road above the 4 million mark, this does not include the number of used Ford Fiesta models that are sold every year. Used Ford Fiestas are some of the most popular second-hand cars seen on UK roads, delivering reliability, timeless style and a great drive to all owners of a Ford Fiesta, not just those who have purchased a brand new model.

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