Ford Fiesta top of CAP’s Total Cost of Motoring

Ford has managed to keep hold of its first place in the CAP's Total Cost of Motoring, clearly demonstrated the fantastic value for money that new Ford vehicles are famed for offering.

The CAP figures are accessed by an average of 100,000 motorists every month, offering vital information on not only the running costs, but also details on today's car values and the rate of depreciation.

According to the recent figures, the Ford Fiesta is the vehicle that people want to know more about in terms of its long-term running costs, which only makes sense considering it's the best-selling car in the UK. The Ford Focus offered further good news for the blue oval in the figures, falling just one place to rest as the fourth most searched model.

The Fiesta has long been one of the success stories for the Ford Motor Company, having sold more than 16 million models since it was first unveiled back in 1976. Now into its sixth generation, its credibility for offering superb value for money has been bolstered thanks to the EcoBoost engine, combining outstanding fuel efficiency with high power.

It offers a clear example of how popular the Ford badge is in the eyes of the consumer, with the outstanding quality, drive and value for money making the Ford Fiesta and Focus an easy choice for drivers seeking the benefits of a new vehicle.

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