Ford Fiesta ST makes its Screen debut


The Ford motor Company have just released the first glimpse of the upcoming Ford Fiesta ST on video.  So far we know that the Fiesta will contain a 1.6 litre EcoBoost engine, a six speed manual gearbox, and has been quoted by Ford as being able to reach speeds of 100 km/h (62 mph) in 7 seconds.

Judging by the video the Fiesta certainly has the looks too, with 17 inch wheels coming as standard, and a body kit with buff arches, twin exhaust and a diffuser tail.

Set to be released in spring 2013, the vehicle has already been on display at the recent Geneva Motor Show, but the new video gives an even more in-depth look and the chance to see it in action.

Even though it will be a while until the Fiesta ST will be on sale at Ford car dealerships, such as Ford Exeter, you can still find plenty of other great Ford cars for sale at your nearest dealership.

Image credit: Michael Gil (flickr)