Ford Fiesta ST Demand Surprises Many

Demand for the new Ford Fiesta ST has recently surprised many, including Ford themselves, with orders for the popular car outstripping production.

Ford had predicted that there would be a strong consumer base for the car, the Fiesta is one of their most popular models after all, but the fact that over half of the planned annual production run had sold in just three months from launch has put a strain on the company's supply.

The Ford Fiesta ST is currently being produced on the same line as the standard Fiesta model at the company's main factory in Cologne. Production of the new car began on April 1st, with plans to produce 5,000 in the first year. Three months on however, 2,500 units have been sold, showing that demand could well be over twice that of the predicted sales.

The current backlog of orders has led to a three month lead time on new orders, taking into account the three week summer shutdown of the factory, so ordering a Ford Fiesta ST today would see it delivered in October. Ford will probably aim to reduce this lead time in the coming months by boosting production of the new car elsewhere.

The surge in demand is being put down to extremely positive reviews, with publications such as Auto Express awarding a score of 5/5 and voting it the "Best Hot Hatch" at their annual awards. There's also the fact that the Fiesta ST undercuts its nearest rivals by as much as £2000, offering incredible value for money! The entry level ST1 comes in at £16,995 and an extra £1000 upgrades you to the ST 2, which comes with a variety of luxury extras such as half-leather Recaro seats, LED running lights and climate control.

If you're interested in finding out what this range has to offer you, you should head down to your local Ford dealership for a test drive.

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