Ford Fiesta retains title of UK’s bestselling car


In a month which produced better than expected new car sales nationally, the Ford Fiesta has once again held onto its crown as the most popular road car in the UK, selling more models than any other brand throughout September.

With both new and used Ford car dealers enjoying favourable levels of transactions over the past four weeks or so, the Fiesta in particular has proven its worth and enduring popularity with the public, defying market expectations to shift no less than 18,651 units in total.

The Ford Focus also outperformed the vast majority of its rivals in the new sales sector, coming in as the nation's third favourite model with overall sales of 13,837 in September.

These figures are sure to be welcomed by anyone who owns or works with a Ford car dealership, as it is a further indication that car buyers all over the UK recognise the reliability and high performance of the classic vehicles that continue to be produced by this renowned manufacturer.

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