Ford Fiesta prize for snack competition winner


A builder from Lincolnshire recently got quite a surprise when he scooped a top car prize by simply biting into a beef burger. Frazer Hourihan, a self employed builder, won one of the most popular Ford cars for sale during a promotion run by a snack company, the vehicle in question being a fabulous Ford Fiesta worth over £13000!

The competition saw members of the public simply entering a special code found on snack foods into the manufacturer's website, something which Frazer only did as he was online checking his emails. The code was found on the side of his burger box, which he had bought in his local Asda; also the location where he was handed the keys to his fantastic Ford Fiesta.

Even if you aren't lucky enough to win a car you can always head to your nearest Ford car dealership and view their great range of vehicles, and with so many great deals you wont need to lucky to find value for money pricing.

Image credit: ben.chaney