Ford Fiesta now best-selling car in the UK

The Ford Fiesta has become the best-selling vehicle ever in the UK, taking over the Ford Escort to take its place in automotive history.

It comes after data was analysed by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), showing that a staggering 4,132,994 Fiesta models have been sold since the vehicle was first unveiled back in 1976. Its popularity is astounding, with the Fiesta leading the small car market for 27 years. The Fiesta was also the best-selling model in the UK last year, with 121,929 models being registered throughout the year.

Stealing the Escort's crown

The Escort was launched back in 1968, with Ford selling 4,105,962 models before it was replaced by the Ford Focus in 2000.

Part of the reason why the Fiesta has become the best-selling new Ford car in the UK is because of its changes over the years, with the six versions all looking to suit the trends and needs of its target market - aspects that have clearly been achieved with great effect. While it began as a plucky and reliable city car, the release of performance models such as the ‘S' and ‘ST' have meant that the Fiesta badge is also appealing to those after a bit more power under the throttle.

Ford Britain Chairman Mark Ovenden, said that the Fiesta continues to outsell its nearest competitive rival by nearly two to one - proof that the model is an extraordinary car.

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