Ford Fiesta named as best-selling car in October

There's no catching the Ford Focus, with rival firms struggling to keep up with the model as it was named as the UK's best-selling car in October for the second successive month.

The Fiesta has been a flagship model for the Ford Motor Company since being unveiled in 1976, going through six style changes in its history to ensure that it keeps up with the needs and ideals of its target market – winning countless awards in the process.

Some of Ford's recent success can be put down to the wealth of technology which  comes as standard in the latest model, with the SYNC technology allowing drivers to change songs, send and receive calls and even have text messages read out aloud to ensure that they stay focused on the road.

This latest news was the result of figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, showing that the subcompact vehicle had taken the top sales spot with a staggering 8,574 confirmed deals on 2013 Ford Fiesta cars during October. Almost 3,500 more models sold than the second-placed Vauxhall Corsa, cementing the model's status as the most popular car in the UK.

Further great news for Ford came courtesy of the Focus, with 5,069 sales of the Fiesta's bulkier siblings helping it into third place and earning the firm its second podium finish. It is, in fact, these two models which will continue to battle for the overall annual sales prize; the Fiesta is currently winning, with 104,621 units shifted in 2013 so far compared to 76,943 examples of the Focus.

If you are currently on the hunt for a new car which seamlessly combines the latest technology with reliability, comfort and style, why not come along to a Ford UK dealership today and discover what makes the Fiesta such a consistently popular model?