Ford Fiesta named as 2014 Telegraph Car of the Year

The Ford Fiesta has been named as the 2014 Telegraph Car of the Year, fantastic news for the model, which saw off competition from a host of expensive models on the market. 

With UK consumers purchasing more than 120,000 Ford Fiesta models during 2013, its high regard as one of the best new Ford cars for sale has failed to dwindle since first being unveiled back in 1976.

An incredible accolade for the manufacturer, the winner was decided following months of voting by the Telegraph readers, who were asked to name their best cars in seven categories. With all votes counted, a team of experts from the publication sat down to decide which of the category winners was most deserving of the overall award, which was gratefully received by the Ford Fiesta.

The Ford Fiesta also won the Best supermini category, seeing off the popular Mini, which finished in second place. With the likes of the Volkswagen Golf, Range Rover Evoque, Jaguar XF and the Bentley Mulsanne winning the Best Family Car, SUV, Executive Car and Luxury car respectively, the fact that the Fiesta rose above all of these to take the overall award further cements the popularity of the model with UK road users.

When discussing their overall decision, Steve Huntingford from The Telegraph explains that thanks to the Fiesta's beautifully weighted controls, comfortable ride and good visibility, it is a pleasure for the sorts of mundane journeys that many conduct each and every day.

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