Ford Fiesta manages 100mpg in contest


In a sure sign of its supremacy in fuel efficiency, the Ford Fiesta has once again broken another record within the motoring world as it became the first car ever to break the 100 miles per gallon barrier.

The Ford Fiesta ECOnetic model was taking part in an annual contest that is designed to show just how careful driving and the latest technology in the motoring industry can give fuel economy in abundance.

The route that the cars took this year stretched over 370 miles and, due to the date of the event, saw some very tough weather conditions, making the 108.78mpg record even more deserved.

Ford is by far one of the top choices for those seeking a vehicle with plenty of fuel efficiency; Ford cars for sale are certainly a great choice for those looking to save money and, at the same time, lower their carbon footprint.

Image Credit: smjb (flickr)