Ford Fiesta holds onto new car sales top spot


Encouraging car sales across the UK, throughout the month of October, have been accompanied by news that the Ford Fiesta has held onto the number one spot as the country's top selling new car.

Consistently one of the most popular Ford cars for sale, since it was first produced in 1976, the Fiesta shifted over 8,000 units last month; this worked out as almost 2,000 more than the next best selling model. The Focus also retained its popularity amongst the nation's car-buying market, coming in as the third most purchased car with 5,834 total sales.

According to the group which collates the figures, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), these latest results reflect an ongoing trend for the UK public to turn more and more towards highly economical cars.

Now at 13.7 per cent, Ford officially has the largest share of any manufacturer in the country's new car sales market.

Both the Fiesta and the Focus can be found at your local Ford car dealership today, with each representing an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade to their next vehicle.

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