Ford Fiesta gets 4.5 out of 5 stars in new review

One of the UK's leading technology websites has published a highly positive review of the new 1.5 TDCi Ford Fiesta, awarding it an impressive 4.5 stars out of a possible five.

The review, which appeared recently on the Pocket-lint site, summed up its overall opinion by concluding simply that 'we love the new Fiesta', although it had much to say on several different aspects of the latest instalment of what has become among the most popular Ford cars for sale ever seen.

The article in particular focuses on the 'amazing' lengths the Fiesta has come since it was first unveiled way back in 1976, when it was seen as the most basic vehicle in a range which also featured the classic Escort, Sierra and Granada models. Ian Morris, who wrote the review, conceded that the modern Fiesta's 'stunning' appearance is a significant factor in its huge appeal amongst many drivers, with the installation of a sleek new grille being perhaps the best enhancement made to its looks.

However, Morris was also quick to point out that there are a number of other, more practical benefits that will soon be plain to anyone who purchases the new Fiesta, perhaps most noticeably what a pleasure it is to drive over extended distances compared to its nearest rivals. A few of the long list of features which make this the case include smooth and quiet motorway cruising, a brilliant in-car entertainment system, and its 'fantastically frugal' economy rates.

Describing the latest Fiesta as 'one of the best compact cars we've ever seen', the Pocket-lint review is further confirmation of the model's status as a true leading force in the UK vehicle market, with the equally highly regarded previous editions available for less from used Ford car dealers around the South West and elsewhere.

Image credit: Shadiac (Wikimedia Commons)