Ford Fiesta EcoBoost PowerShift gets positive review

The new Ford Fiesta PowerShift has been lauded in a review by AutoCar, suggesting that the new model combines great power with sublime engine efficiency.

A model which was highly anticipated by the motoring world, it marks the first fusing of Ford's award-winning 1.0L EcoBoost engine and its PowerShift transmission; it's a marriage which impressed writer Steven Cropley, who states in the review that it is it one of the best compact automatic models on the market today and one which rewrites the common notion that automatic cars are inefficient.

Seamless transmission

Awarding it four out of five stars, one of the best aspects Cropley touches on is the transmission, saying that drivers will be amazed at how easily the Fiesta accelerates from standstill and seamlessly moves into sixth gear in a flash. There's also an S (Sport) mode, which keeps the engine revving for longer and allows changes through a rocker switch on the side of the knob - unlike the standard automatic D (Drive) mode.

He also says how the rest of the Fiesta is very similar to conventional models, meaning that owners of previous editions can enjoy a new car which they know they can rely on.

Since first being unveiled back in 1976, the Ford Fiesta has become one of the flagship models of the Blue Oval, with its wealth of in-car technology, excellent on-road performance and reliability helping it to become the best-selling car in the UK in 2013; having sold over 16 million units, it is currently the third best-selling vehicle Ford has ever produced.

If you are keen to learn more about the Ford Fiesta EcoBoost PowerShift, why not head to one of the official Ford UK dealerships today?

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