Ford Fiesta ECOboost now available

Ford Motor Company has released their latest model of the Ford Fiesta ECOBoost, and it looks set to continue the firm's journey along the avenue of eco-friendly vehicles.

One of the most popular models from the motoring giant, the Fiesta has been an esteemed member of the Ford fleet since its release. It has been heavily adapted over the years, with the fiery and powerful ST version just one of the editions helping the Fiesta appeal to a variety of different markets.

Designed to particularly cater for eco-friendly drivers, the environmental credentials of the new Ford Fiesta ECOboost are impressive to say the least; the 1.0 futuristic engine it features produce CO2 emissions of 114G/km and 55.7mpg fuel consumption. Named as the International Engine of the Year in 2012, the ECOboost engine combines technologies including direct fuel injection, turbocharging and variable valve timing to offer outstanding performance for an engine with such a modest headline capacity.

The outstanding engine is complement by a host of the latest technologies to come from the company, with Ford's innovative SYNC voice-activated in-car connectivity system and Active City Stop feature just two examples of the many optional extras drivers are now able to choose from.  The SYNC system also features Emergency Assistance, which can alert the emergency services in the case of an accident in 26 languages which are spoken in over 40 different countries.

As mentioned in one of our previous reports, the Fiesta is currently the best-selling car in the UK, and it is hoped that the ECOboost will help to continue this trend and ensure that the model keeps its crown until the end of the year. If you are keen to learn more about what this fantastic new model can offer you, why not head along to one of the superb dealerships operated by the Foray Motor Group soon and check out their range of new Fords?