Ford Fiesta confirmed as 2012's best selling car

Figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) have confirmed that the ever popular Ford Fiesta was officially the best selling new car in 2012 throughout the UK.

Ford car dealers enjoyed a strong year in general for transactions of their models, but the Fiesta proved to be by far the most successful amongst consumers in what is still an economically challenging market.

In total, the Fiesta shifted an impressive 109,265 units, which was comfortably more than the 89,434 registered by its closest rival; this also does not take into account instances of Fiestas being purchased from used Ford car dealers and other garages, which would have significantly boosted the figures yet further.

Ford also enjoyed continuing success with one of their other instantly recognisable brands, the Focus, which sold 83,115 examples overall and came in at third in the top selling listings for the calendar year.

The manufacturer recorded highly encouraging sales returns across its range, with a significant rise in the number of their vehicles being driven away from forecourts compared with the previous twelve months.

This good news was generally reflected across the rest of the sector, indicating that the UK automotive sales industry is now well and truly on the road to recovery after the difficult economic circumstances of the last five years or so.

In their annual report, officials from the SMMT revealed that total new car sales across the country added up to more than two million units for the first time since 2008, suggesting that the sector has confidently weathered the financial storm of recent times.

In a statement, the Chief Executive of the SMMT, Paul Everitt, predicted that 2013 would follow in the footsteps of last year in terms of sales, with an increasingly optimistic picture likely to emerge.

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