Ford feel 85mpg will help motorists beat fuel duty rise


Ford feel that their latest Ford Fiesta Econetic model will help the brits beat the 3p per litre fuel duty rise with its impressive 85.6mpg efficiency.

The model will also help the pockets of those in the UK, as it has low emissions of 87g/km that make it exempt from road tax and for those in the capital, exempt from the London congestion card.

As the best selling car brand in the country, Ford have been focussing their development efforts creating more efficient vehicles using British expertise.

The latest fuel efficient engines from Ford were developed by a team of 2000 engineers based in Essex.

As the cost of motoring goes up each year, it is refreshing to hear how companies such as Ford are putting a lot of effort into making cleaner vehicles that are much cheaper to run.

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Image credit: ben chaney