Ford factory amongst the most flexible in world

Ford car dealers in many nations are benefiting from what the US-based manufacturer says is a factory which ranks amongst the most flexible in the world.

According to officials from the historic automotive giant, the sprawling plant which is based in their home state of Michigan is currently the only site which can actively produce electric, hybrid, plug-in hybrid and traditional petrol fuelled models all at the same time.

This impressive development is a result of the factory now also taking responsibility for the putting together of the C-Max Energi, which the company says is the ‘most fuel-efficient and affordable' vehicle of its kind available in its home country.

Jim Tetreault, Ford's vice president of North America Manufacturing, went on to state that the plant is also unique due to the fact that it is the only location at which four cars delivering the UK equivalent of 48mpg are produced.

Both new and used Ford cars offer an amazing range of diversity and value for money in terms of their performance specifications and efficiency, so why not look at upgrading your vehicle to one of the group's iconic models soon?

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