Ford extend aftersales care with BlueService scheme

Ford UK
has unveiled a major expansion of its already strong aftersales care system, with the launch of its brand new BlueService programme.

The flagship scheme, which is reportedly costing the company around £7.5 million to implement, will be rolled out across the whole of their service network, which currently numbers around 650 dealerships nationwide. Although this represents a significant expense for the manufacturer, officials at the Ford Motor Company believe that the efforts will stand as another representation of the group's renowned commitment towards both customer care and safety.

With the package available for drivers who own any models such as a Ford Fiesta for sale, regardless of its age and mileage, it is thought that BlueService will offer the most comprehensive aftercare to have been provided by any carmaker in the UK or elsewhere; some of the completely free features of the programme include electric vehicle health checks, the Ford One Call helpline, and access to both Ford Assistance and Ford Accident Management.

Following in the footsteps of Transit24, a similar scheme recently launched by the company's commercial vehicle wing, BlueService is expected to be widely taken up by Ford drivers throughout the country in the months to come.

The director of Ford of Britain's customer service division is Jon Wellsman, who has spoken of how pleased he and his colleagues are with the system so far. In a statement, Wellsman commented on the fact that more than one million people visit Ford dealerships in the UK every year, and that BlueService is an indication of how the group 'aim to make sure they receive the very best experience', even long after they have purchased their car of choice.

Singling out the Ford One Call telephone line as ensuring 'unrivalled convenience and peace of mind', the director has also said that he is proud of the clear and excellent value fixed pricing for servicing and repair work which will come as standard for BlueService members, as well as automatic upgrades to new security and operating systems as and when they emerge.

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