Ford explains more about their connected car ideas

With the world's largest consumer electronics show, the CES, having just finished, the Ford Motor company have been explaining more about their ideas behind connected cars that saw them take pride of place at the Las Vegas event.

Ford's CEO, Alan Mulally and Paul Mascarenas, the company's chief technology officer, has been speaking to one of the largest technology websites, CNET, about their plans for the future regarding their infotainment and in-car systems.

Ford has been concentrating a large part of its resources into the design and manufacture of electric vehicles in recent years. This, combined with the motor group's technological advances with in-car applications, has set them above anyone else within the motoring industry. Just recently, Ford announced that it was opening a Silicon Valley research centre, showing just how serious the company are about developing their technical solutions.

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Image Credit: Shawn B Smith (Flickr)