Ford Excels in fuel efficiency through car bonnet design

The Ford Company has once again shown why it is at the forefront of car design by unveiling a newly designed car bonnet that can actively reduce fuel efficiency. Ford unveiled their new design at the Composites Europe Event in Dusseldorf and showed just how the bonnet would help preserve fuel in their already efficient Ford cars for sale.

The new design is made of carbon fibre and weighs 50 percent less than previous versions and, as an added bonus, can be manufactured via existing production machines in their assembly plants.

Already, the bonnet has been tested so that it meets standards for performance, stiffness and, of course, crash performance. The bonnet also adds to pedestrian safety levels due to a foam layer inside it.

This technology could well be seen on vehicles at your nearest Ford car dealerships across the world, further enhancing Ford's reputation as a motor manufacturer.

Image Credit: Dale Gillard (flickr)