Ford Escort to be launched again in China

This year's Shanghai Motor Show has brought with it a surprising announcement by Ford's Chinese operation, as the iconic car manufacturers announced that they will be resurrecting the classic Escort model in the country soon.

The Escort was a vital part of Ford in the UK and throughout Europe when it was produced between 1968 and 2000, and the news that it will be seeing a new life in Asia is sure to be welcomed with enthusiasm by the brand's countless fans around the world, even though it is not currently expected to be reintroduced in Britain.

According to officials from the Asia-Pacific branch of the company, the revamped Escort will be targeted at the 'middle ground' of the Chinese automobile market, acting as a bridge between the budget and more upmarket models already offered there by Ford, of which the Focus is considered to be at the higher end.

Commenting on the development, a spokesperson from Ford of Britain said that 'it's a name that still resonates because the Escort was extremely popular', and that he was happy to see it returning to the world market in a renewed form.

Meanwhile, Jim Farley, executive vice president of the Ford Motor Company's Global Marketing, Sales and Service team, set out the aims for the Chinese Escort Concept, stating that it should appeal to 'discerning, modern families' who are hoping to source 'uncompromised functionality, quality and safety' from their vehicle.

Although there are no plans for the new Escort to be made available in the UK anytime soon, its rebirth is a testament to the enduring popularity of this long established line. Those in this country who wish to find another example of how the Michigan-based marque has evolved its range over the years may wish to look at one of the 2013 Ford Fiestas for sale, which are the latest addition to a car that has been selling in huge numbers since 1976.

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