Ford enjoy surprisingly strong month in Europe

Whilst Ford has weathered the global economic crisis with far greater stability than many large companies, reporting excellent sales worldwide, there can be no denying that the knock-on effect of the recession in the eurozone was far-reaching. The new car sales market in Europe has largely stagnated in recent times, with the UK being one of the only bright spots for automotive manufacturers hoping to do well in the continent. Now, however, things seem to be looking up and – it will come as no surprise to learn – Ford cars are the ones leading the way.

Even though Ford dealerships in Andover, Taunton and Yeovil, as well as elsewhere around the South West and the rest of the country, thrived during the recent period of austerity, the mood was not quite as buoyant throughout the rest of Europe. A number of articles released over the last few days, though, have shown that Ford bucked the trend in terms of continental sales in July, with the company reporting a growth of 8.7 per cent in sales across 22 western European nations; the overall market, by comparison, expanded by 4.3 per cent.

The UK still far outstripped the demand shown by its neighbours, however, recording an extraordinary 26 per cent increase in sales. Much of this popularity, according to this DailyFinance article, has been put down to the enthusiastic reception given to the new Fiesta ST model, the demand for which has led to a supply backlog and has forced Ford to increase production at their plant in Cologne by 15 per cent.

All this shows that our European cousins are now growing in financial confidence and are consequently more likely to start trading in their second hand Ford Focus for a new model; having said that, given the famous durability and high performance of Ford's range of used vehicles, it would be no surprise if drivers opted to hang onto their pre-loved cars for as long as possible!

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