Ford enjoy huge rise in US small car sales


Ford has reported a substantial monthly increase on their sales of small cars in the US, with a total of 24,628 new models of this kind hitting the road across the country in September alone.

Ford car dealers apparently sold 73 per cent more small vehicles than was the case during the same period last year, which the manufacturer's chief financial officer, Bob Shanks, believes is a sign that this type of car will continue to show strong growth in sales over the coming months and years.

According to the figures, this also represents the company's most positive small car sales in its home country for around a decade, and it is expected that this trend will now begin to spread worldwide.

Both new and used Ford cars have been enjoying strong sales of late, defying market expectations and showing that, no matter what the overriding economic conditions are, there is still a demand for quality automobiles. 

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