Ford enhance aftercare with free software updates

Ford has announced that some of the company's models will be receiving free software upgrades as part of a plan to boost their mileage.

The change will largely affect the hybrid Ford C-Max and Fusion models, but it's an indication of how seriously Ford take their aftercare responsibilities and should improve the driving experience for owners of both new and used Fords. The new software will have several effects, such as increasing the speed at which the engine can fully rely on battery power from 62mph to 85mph. It will also make changes to the air conditioning units to improve their efficiency and reduce power consumption, and adjust how the auto-shutters on the front-facing grilles operate, allowing the car to assume a more aerodynamic shape.

With software and electronics becoming an increasingly important part of the driving experience and electrical systems governing more and more of a vehicle's performance, it means that remote adjustments to the way a car operates could become a more significant part of the aftercare process in future.

One of the main advantages of this update is that it should increase the miles per gallon rating on these cars. Not only does this help customers save money on petrol, but it should also standardise the miles per gallon that drivers get, meaning that Ford's marketing and advertising will be more accurate.

Measures like this may only affect one part of the car at the moment, but as onboard electronic systems become more advanced and wireless car connectivity becomes a widespread reality, adjustments to the efficiency of all sorts of systems could be seen. Better interpretations of user behaviour, braking patterns, updated road maps, new onboard applications and more could all become available through a simple update to your car's software.

Aftercare and maintenance is an important part of your decision when buying a car, so getting in touch with local Ford dealerships to find out what packages they offer can really help you make a decision.

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