In a time when recession hit hard and people where looking at every penny they were spending Ford have done incredibly well. The government introduced the popular scrappage scheme mid year which helped the sales of Ford improve further.

Sales of the popular Ford vehicles were up by 9000 units compared to the previous 12 months earlier.

It seems that in a time when every penny counts and people want their money to stretch a little further they seem to fall back on an established brand that has a strong history or reliability.

Models like the Fiesta, and the Focus saw a strong demand through out the year as did the Fiesta van in the commercial field. Commercial vehicles were up compared to last year almost reaching a staggering 22,000 sales.

Nigel Sharp, speaking from Ford Britain explained "Ford's strong 2009 sales performance underlined once again the market appeal of the company's best ever product line up". 2010 should see an even more promising offering to the public as well as the introduction of every more ECO-Friendly vehicles.