The Ford Motor Company has boosted its credentials as being the world's leading major ‘green' car manufacturer by encouraging its dealers to learn more about electric vehicles and energy efficient technology.
Under new rules, showrooms selling Ford's electric models will be required to install at least two charging stations on-site, and employees will have to take part in a specially designed in-house programme to help them discover new ways of lowering carbon emissions.
On top of this, 80 per cent of salespeople of Ford's electric models must complete an intense training certification programme, and dealers will need to have at least one of the vehicles available for demonstration at all times.
Although the guidelines currently only apply to dealerships in the US, there can be no doubting that new Ford vans around the world are leading the way in terms of modern, environmentally friendly commercial vehicles. High quality electric vans are definitely the future of the fleet industry, and Ford is largely to thank for their continued increase in popularity.