Ford EcoBoost engine wins EST award

Ford have won another award for their 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine, with the groundbreaking product this time being recognised by the highly respected Energy Saving Trust (EST) for the contribution it is making towards lowering the carbon emissions of drivers around the UK.

The carbon reduction group recently held their annual Fleet Hero Awards ceremony in London, which recognised organisations which are leading the way in terms of creating a more sustainable automotive industry. News of the manufacturer's latest victory will no doubt be welcomed by Ford car dealership operators across the South West and elsewhere, as this acts as further confirmation of the high quality of the EcoBoost in terms of the fuel efficiency it provides and its environmental benefits.

The growing prominence of the EcoBoost in Ford's mainstream domestic vehicles, including the upcoming 2013 edition of the best selling Fiesta model, resulted in them being awarded the prestigious 'Innovation in Car and Van Manufacturing' prize; this popular engine is expected to receive even more publicity next year as more of the motoring public start to learn of its exceptionally high performance levels, which should lead to an increase in sales of the cars in question.

This was the seventh year the awards have taken place, with the 2012 event being attended by a number of notable figures from the automotive world, including Transport Minister Norman Baker. The Energy Saving Trust was recently named as a partner of the forthcoming 2013 Future Drive Motor Show, indicating the growing reputation of this carbon friendly organisation.

Both new and used Ford cars available in showrooms around the country are known for the high levels of fuel efficiency that they reward their drivers with, but there can be no denying that the innovative EcoBoost engine has dramatically improved this aspect of their range of vehicles.

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