Ford Easy Fuel Helps to Prevent Fuel Theft

During the last year the escalating value of fuel has led to a 25% increase in fuel thefts from vehicles to a reported 4,500 cases in the United Kingdom. Ford have introduced ‘Easy Fuel' technology which helps to prevent fuel theft and any expensive mistakes due to refuelling errors from many of the company's popular new Ford cars for sale .

Ford have fitted the Easy Fuel system as standard to their top-selling models including Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus and Ford Mondeo, and is designed to make refuelling a simple and error-free process whilst making siphoning extremely difficult.

The Easy Fuel system uses a patented inhibitor, which has been designed to prevent improper fuelling and siphoning, adding extra layers of security behind the cars' external fuel filler opening, which is secured as part of the vehicle's central locking system, to inhibit forced entry.

So if you are looking for a new car which has a secure fuel filling system, pop into your local Ford car dealers and take a look at one of the new Ford models fitted with company's new Easy Fuel system.