Ford driverless car to be unveiled this week

Ford's highly anticipated driverless vehicle is all set to be unveiled at an event in Barcelona this week, symbolising what the future may hold for the US automotive giant.

Taking a decade to design and build, the vehicle is a direct rival to the Google driverless car and it works by using a series of sensors which are mounted to a roof rack. Ford say that the sensors take 2.5 million measurements every second, scanning the road ahead for anything from cars and pedestrians to small animals and cyclists to create a 3D map and detect potentially hazardous objects from up to 70 feet away.

Depending on the reception the technology receives, it could become a standard feature in the future for those looking for new or used Ford vehicles such as the Focus, Fiesta or any of the other popular models from the Blue Oval.

A history of innovation

As well as the car being able to create a map of potential dangers ahead, additional software is also in development which could be able to both predict the actions of other road users and allow the driver to see around corners - providing even greater road safety as a result.

The car is all set for its official launch at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona - the largest mobile phone show in the world. Ahead of its unveiling at the event, executive vice president Stephen Odell said that the car could making driving safer, ease traffic congestion and help to sustain the environment.

It highlights Ford's endeavour to bring the latest technologies into their vehicles: an aim which has helped them remain as one of the most highly regarded car and van manufacturers since 1903. If you want to learn more about the incredible technology they can offer in their vehicles, such as the Ford Sync, AppLink and award-winning EcoBoost engine, why not head to one of the Foray Motor Group's certified Ford dealerships today?

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