Ford double winners at Scottish Car of the Year Awards

The Ford Motor Company has stood at the pinnacle of automotive innovation since being established back in 1903, releasing a string of models which are highly regarded within their respective classes. They have won a host of awards over the years for their constant striving to adapt and bring the latest technologies into their vehicles - a dedication which was again rewarded earlier this month after Ford took home two prizes at the Scottish Car of the Year awards.

At the ceremony, Ford was heralded for the creation of its MyKey technology, an industry-first which enables parents to programme a key for younger drivers with a host of safety features. With limits to the top speed and radio volume, as well as the option of disabling the radio until seatbelts are fastened and the choice of preventing the deactivation of standard driver assistance and safety features, it is widely recognised as a breakthrough innovation and one which offers parents complete peace of mind when helping to get their children on the road.

The technology was strongly praised by the judge - so much so that it won the Innovation of the Year prize. After being met with such good feedback, it is likely that MyKey could feature in new Fiesta and Ford Ka models for sale in the near future.

The second big prize was award to the new Ford Fiesta ST, with the powerful sibling of the conventional Fiesta driving home triumphantly with the Best Hot Hatch award. With the ST described as the most powerful of all the vehicles shortlisted for the award, the title was also given on the merit of its ease of driving and its superb chassis. Offering the unusual combination of supreme power and increased engine efficiency, it's no surprise that the new Fiesta ST has quickly become one of the most sought-after vehicles paraded on the forecourts of Ford South West dealerships such as the Foray Motor Group's.

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