Ford donates $250,000 to Indian villages

Officials from the Ford Motor Company have announced that the group is set to spend $250,000 on the development of seven Tamil Nadu villages surrounding its plant in India.

Ford's President and Managing Director, Michael Boneham, explained that this significant investment is part of their Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, with the grant being organised in conjunction with the Global Giving Foundation.

Education, safety, environment and health and welfare standards in the area will all benefit from the programme, the first phase of which will be put into practice by three local non-governmental organisations - Aid India, the Society for Technology and Advancement for Rural Action, and the Society for Poor Peoples Development. This stage will be completed within a year and is to be strictly monitored.

The Chennai factory has become an increasingly important base for the automotive giants recently, with many of the new Ford cars for sale across the world being produced here, including the company's upcoming new SUV model.

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