Ford Develops New Wi-Fi Brake Lights

New system detects if vehicles ahead have hit the brakes... so drivers know to slow down even if they can't see the other car

Car giant Ford, has developed revolutionary new ‘wi-fi’ brake lights that warn other drivers to slow down to avoid a rear-end shunt – even when they can’t see why.

It knows when cars that are out of sight around a blind corner – or  even hidden in traffic in front of a large bus or van -– are hitting the brakes and warns the drivers behind to do likewise to avoid a crash.

When the car in front brakes it sends a wireless or ‘wi-fi’  signal from its illuminated brake light to any other cars behind which have the same system, giving those drivers a warning on their dashboard saying: ‘Caution! braking vehicle.’

The system works in a fraction of a second even when the first braking car is out of sight or around a corner. For says it helps to ‘mitigate or avoid’ a crash.

The system uses GPS satellite technology to fix the position of each car so all those in the vicinity know where they are relative to each other.

A Ford spokesman said: ‘In an emergency braking situation, the vehicle’s “Electronic Brake Light” system transmits a wireless signal to the vehicles behind that a potential danger lies ahead.

‘This signal is received by equally equipped vehicles in the vicinity, warning them that an emergency braking action may be required.’

She added:’It alerts following drivers to vehicles braking ahead – even around corners and through traffic. It  transmits a wireless signal to illuminate a dashboard light on following vehicles.’

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