Ford developing technology with Nokia

It’s been revealed that Ford are working alongside Nokia to develop a system which manages the energy efficiency of a plug-in vehicle, meaning that drivers are able to be greener than ever before.

Called the Green Zone System, it would allow the driver of new Ford cars to set up a series of zones using maps from Nokia, with a host of details on efficiency yielded when the car passes through one of these areas.

Johannes Kristinsson, Ford supervisor of advanced connected features, said that the system is being designed to eventually provide drivers with the opportunity to choose routes with the best energy usage, taking into account aspects such as weather, live traffic and changes in elevation. With it still a project, it’s thought that a few years of research is needed until it can go into production.

Technology tested at Ford headquarters

The technology has already been tested on a Ford Energi plug-in hybrid near Ford’s headquarters in Dearborn. As the Green Zones had already been set up, the car’s engine completely switched to all-electric mode while entering the defined area, reverting to standard engine power after leaving the zone.

With greater development it could offer completely automated use of electric and conventional engines, ensuring that both drivers and the environment get the biggest benefits from driving a hybrid vehicle.

While Ford currently have two hybrid vehicles for sale in the Fusion Energi and C-Max Energi, it is likely that the electric avenue is one they will continue to make their way down in the future.

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