Ford developing car seat that detects heart attacks

Ford is once again demonstrating that they are at the forefront of driving innovation with their latest creation; a car seat that can detect heart attacks.

The seat will supposedly be able to monitor the heart activity of drivers thanks to six embedded sensors, which can detect electrical impulses through clothing. If higher than average heart activity is detected, indicating that a heart attack is occurring, then the emergency services and authorities can be contacted to provide response as quick as possible.

On top of this, these new car seats may be able to detect abnormalities in heart activity before the driver is aware that they are having a heart attack. This would result in a message being displayed to the driver, who can then pull over before potentially causing a serious accident.

Could be seen in new Ford cars by 2020

The car seat is currently being developed and tested by Ford’s European Research and Innovation Centre in Aachen, Germany, in conjunction with Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule (RWTH) Aachen University.

As part of this development, the Ford engineers are ensuring that the electrodes embedded in the car seat are able to detect heart activity through a range of materials and in a range of body shapes and sizes. Once this functionality has been delivered and after vigorous testing has been completed, Ford believes that the new car seat will be rolled out in brand new cars from Ford by 2020, according to this article.

Other Ford car systems could be used alongside the heart monitoring car seat, including Lane Departure Warning, Active City Stop, Driver Alert, Speed Limiter and Lane Keeping Aid. By implementing one or more of these systems when the car seat detects abnormal heart activity, the consequences of the driver losing complete control of the car could be mitigated, potentially improving the safety of other drivers on the road too.

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