Ford creates ‘the car that cares’.

Within the past few days we have seen some important announcements and unveilings from the Ford Motor Company. The motor giant has just unveiled, at the CES Digital Health Summit, a new initiative they are currently working on called ‘The Car that Cares'.

 Working in conjunction with Microsoft and the personalised connected healthcare company Healthrageous, the Ford Motor company have created a prototype vehicle that contains many technological innovations aimed at providing healthcare whilst mobile. Ford's in car system SYNC is ideally designed to work inline with both Microsoft and Healthrageous's digital coaching systems, designed to promote and deliver health and wellbeing information to people on the go.

During the presentation, attendees were shown one piece of equipment that is currently in prototype stage and being testing within Europe, a heart monitoring seatbelt!

As you can see, Ford is at the forefront of motoring technology, to find out more, why not visit your nearest Ford car dealership and view their range of Ford cars for sale?


Image credit: HighTechDad (Flickr)