Ford create lightweight version of Ford Fusion

Ford have unveiled a brand new concept car in America, one which is believed to weigh significantly less than its predecessor and could offer a window into the future for the motoring giant.

The car in question is a lightweight version of the Ford Fusion, a mid-size sedan model that is slightly larger than the more familiar Ford Focus. By substituting the materials in almost all areas of the vehicle with lightweight alternatives such as high-strength steel, aluminium, magnesium and carbon fibre, the concept model is almost 25 per cent lighter than the conventional Fusion.

Nearly every component changed

In efforts to save even more weight, both the wheels and seats have been constructed using carbon fibre. Other changes include new crankshafts, stabiliser bars and springs which have been made out of hollow steel; the body has also been constructed out of a mixture of aluminium, magnesium and high-strength steel. Even the windows and windshields have been removed to offer greater weight loss, with the standard sheets of glass being replaced with chemically-treated glass which is partially Gorilla Glass.

This considerable reduction in weight has been teamed with a change of power source, with the new 1.0L EcoBoost engine offering the same performance as the standard Ford Fusion, but with a fuel economy of around 45MPG – not far away from the new Ford Fiesta.

While it is unlikely that this model will be sold in the UK for some time, it does stand as an example of the enhanced new Ford cars we can expect to see in the future.

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