Ford consider developing new ECOnetic Kuga

Ford have revealed that they are considering whether or not to begin development on an ECOnetic version of its popular Kuga sport utility vehicle (SUV) as the 2013 edition launches ahead of its upcoming UK release.

Speaking at the launch, the marketing director of Ford of Britain, Anthony Ireson, said that until a decision is made, the company will instead continue to focus on marketing what has come to be seen as one of the most popular Ford cars for sale since it was first produced in 2008.

Ireson went on to set out the specifications of the different Kuga models which are scheduled to be made available on the country's forecourts next month, confirming that even the least powerful edition will pack quite a punch; with a 2.0 TDCI Duratorq engine offering 138bph as standard, the front-wheel drive example will have an output of 53.3mpg and 139g/km. The 161bhp model, meanwhile, will offer 154g/km and 47.9mpg.

Ford have been leading the way amongst automotive manufacturers in recent years as a proponent of low carbon technology, however, and the case is now being put forward by some for the exceptionally low emission rates seen in cars like the ECOnetic Fiesta and Focus to be made available for the Kuga. Something which may speed this process up is the fact that around 35 per cent of all sales of the new Kuga are expected to go to professional fleets, which tend to rack up significant mileage in a shorter space of time than those purchased solely for domestic use.

Although there are always plenty of fantastic bargains to be found at used Ford car dealers in the South West and beyond, the sales rate of brand new Kugas has been very impressive since they were first launched five years ago; the previous generation has so far sold roughly 48,000 units, which surpassed official estimates by 12,000.

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