Ford confirms there will be no Ford Focus RS


The Ford Focus ST has just had its first launch at the Goodwood festival of speed. The new ST will be on sale soon, with its starting price set to £21,995 and featuring a four cylinder engine that produces 250bhp.

Something else that the launch brought about was the announcement, from the marketing manager of Ford of Britain, Steve Humbles, saying that there will defiantly not be a RS variant of the Focus, certainly bad news for fans of fast Ford cars for sale!

The 155 mph performance car has already seen orders in excess of 450, making it already account for 10 percent of all Ford Focuses sold during May, bringing the total amount of Ford Focuses sold this year so far to 37,000!

The official soft release of the Focus ST will be on the 2nd of July, but a large amount of publicity and introduction will take place during the release of ‘The Sweeney' movie, which features the Focus RS and will be out in September.  There has never been a better time to head to your nearest Ford car dealers, such as Foray Motor Group!

Image credit: Bull-Doser