Ford confirms huge increases in hybrid sales

With the Ford Motor Company making a concerted effort to reduce their carbon footprint, the automotive giant has made leaps and bounds in recent years in pursuing eco-friendly avenues. This support for the planet is clearly being shared by the consumer market, too, with the firm recently celebrating the highest levels of hybrid sales for any August in America.

The group has managed to bring hybrid benefits to a variety of models in their fleet, with eco-friendly versions of the Ford Fiesta, Focus and C-Max all being lauded within their respective classes. The figures for August are simply astounding, with more than 8,900 sales marking a staggering increase of 288 per cent when compared to the same period just a year ago. Superb news for the company, these high levels of sales are likely to continue on this upward trend as the demand for hybrid cars becomes more pronounced across the world.

The aforementioned C-Max was a key driving force behind the firm's success, as a model which continues to be a mainstay in the hybrid market - a market in which competition is growing at an impressive rate. While these sales are specific to drivers across the pond, the popularity of Ford's hybrid vehicles is likely to felt in the UK and Europe when the company release three electrified vehicles by early next year. The trio will join the Ford Focus electric, a zero-emission battery electric vehicle which has already been well received on the continent.

Another environmentally friendly feature from Ford which is proving popular is the revolutionary EcoBoost engine, which offers substantially higher levels of performance together with higher fuel consumption - a combination which will be unheard of by many motorists. If you want to learn more about the benefits of the EcoBoost engine, a visit to one of the local expert Ford dealerships is the perfect way to do just this.

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