Ford confirm introduction of 1.5-litre EcoBoost engine

The popular and groundbreaking EcoBoost engine will shortly be available in a 1.5-litre format, it has been confirmed, which means that Ford UK and other showrooms worldwide will soon be able to meet more of the strong demand that has been seen so far for the environmentally-friendly product.

The 1.0-litre EcoBoost has been a revelation since it was first produced in 2009, greatly impressing regular motorists and industry insiders alike with the high performance levels it manages to achieve whilst keeping fuel costs low and carbon emissions at an absolute minimum; in recent months, however, there have been growing calls for an even more powerful edition of the engine to be rolled out, and it now appears that this plea has been answered.

This latest announcement reflects the amazing success that the EcoBoost has enjoyed so far, with Ford expected to produce three times more of the examples by the end of this year than it did in 2010. If the company's plans come to fruition, the next eight months will see production extended to a total of six major plants in Europe, North America and Asia.

With the original EcoBoost recently made available in the 2013 range of Ford Fiestas for sale, it is generally thought that the brand will also welcome the 1.5-litre model before too long. It would appear for now, however, that the first European car that will experience the benefits of this new edition will be the upcoming Mondeo, for which anticipation was already reaching fever pitch.

Standards for the latest instalment of this much lauded product have been set high, as the original EcoBoost won the coveted 'International Engine of the Year' in 2012. Ford apparently has no concerns about meeting public expectation with the 1.5-litre product, though, with variable valve timing, direct fuel injection, turbocharging and tax relief acting as just some of the new incentives for purchasing the product.  

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