Ford confident of 2014 Mondeo success

Officials at the top of the UK branch of the Ford Motor Company have revealed that they have no worries at all about how popular the new Mondeo model will be when it is finally released next year, and that drivers will react positively to the chance to purchase one which features an ultra efficient, 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine.

Ford car dealers around Britain have enjoyed great success in the last few years with the increasing presence of low emission, high efficiency vehicles like the new editions of the Fiesta and Focus in their showrooms providing the ideal combination of affordability and environmental sustainability, and this has led to increased confidence regarding the prospects of a similarly marketed Mondeo.  

The entry-level EcoBoost engine will be the first three-cylinder system to power an upper-medium class car in the world when it is made available in the Mondeo, which is sure to further strengthen Ford's ever growing reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of green, eco-friendly mainstream vehicles.

While Anthony Ireson, marketing director at Ford of Britain, admits that the widespread rolling out of slightly less powerful but better value EcoBoost engines into everyday models was a matter of some debate and controversy when it was first broached at the company, this is certainly no longer the case now that the product has been so warmly received by industry insiders and the public alike. As Ireson pointed out in an interview, it is now more accepted that 'you can have a small engine that provides better performance'.

Until the new and improved Mondeo hits the roads in late 2014, any drivers keen to upgrade their transport will still be able to purchase a reasonably priced and high performance previous version of this much loved brand from many used Ford car dealers in the South West and beyond.

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